Qorveh House by ReNa Design

Qorveh House

Architecture has a long standing history that despite the popular belief is not limited to the west. In fact, this art originates to Mesopotamia just as every other thing.

While we see breakthroughs of the western culture on a daily basis on all sorts of media, we seldom ever pay attention to the artistic and design news that comes out of the cradle of civilization. In this post, I will be sharing a sample of modern iraninan architecture (which i disagree with by the way) to show that Iranians are talented and also invested in the industry.

© Reza Najafian, M.H. Hamzehlouei

  • Architects: ReNa Design
  • Location: Qorveh, Iran
  • Lead Architects: Reza Najafian
  • Design Team: Maryam Najafian, Maryam Pourmohsen, Mina Nazmjou, Mohamad Hosein Hamzehlouei, Ojan Salimi, Zahra Foroughi
  • Area: 540.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2017
  • Photographs: Reza Najafian, M.H. Hamzehlouei

Piccolo Haus by Smart Architects

Architecture Series

As a part of this journal we call Desitic, per our mission,we aim to share anything design and architecture. The goal is to show our audience the level of design used by professionals around the world. When it comes to this category, a picture says a thousand words, so we want this series to be a picture slideshow.

© Yoon Dong-gyu

© Yoon Dong-gyu

The Piccolo Haus, designed by Smart Architecture

The lead designer is Kim Gun-cheol. This 200 square meter house is located in Pa-dong in South Korea and was constructed in 2017.

Photographs are by Yoon Dong-gyu 

Brutalist Inspired Wallpaper Designs


Wallpapers have been around for the longest times when it comes to wall treatments. Recently, with the advancements of printing technology we are witnessing a new genre of wallpapers coming to the market.

A British company, has produced a line of wallpapers that are reflecting the top five brutalist style buildings. This line includes the London park that is being threatned to be demolished.

The Brutalist collection by Murals Wallpaper utilizes close-up details from famous brutalist buildings, such as the unique diamond-patterned elevation of Welbeck Street car park.

Diamond Facade of Welmbeck Car Park

Diamond Facade of Welmbeck Car Park

5 Unique Restaurant Designs in the World

Have you ever been pulled into a restaurant only because of it’s ambiance? There is no doubt that the interior or even architectural design of a restaurant is as important as the quality of the food. So, interior designers all over the world do their best to create a unique environment for those people who don’t go to a restaurant just because of the food, but they go to enjoy that mean within an intriguing environment.  Here are 5 examples of Unique Restaurant Designs from around the Globe:

The Jane restaurant (Renovated Church)

Having your dinner in a “church” is a unique experience you can have in Antwerp, Belgium.

Designed by: Piet Boom